Apr 2022

Curious Conversations with Artists in The Garden of Curiosity

CURIOUS CONVERSATION #3 at 5pm Saturday April 2nd

With special guests - Jesse Scott & Lachlan Mcaulay from the show “ You & I ”

Join Prying Eye in conversation with Jesse & Lachlan from Casus Circus about You & I, embedding a culture of inclusivity, sharing life onstage, and working with the expectations of circus.

See their performance of You & I - Fri 1 and Sat 2 April at 8pm in Armitage Centre, Empire Theatre

CURIOUS CONVERSATION #4 at 6pm Saturday April 2nd
With special guest - Irena Kobald, Author of “My Two Blankets”

Join Prying Eye in conversation with Irena Kabold, the author of the well known book My Two Blankets, about the creation of the story and its ongoing impact, as well as the connections between language and a sense of belonging.

Curious Arts Festival is proud to collaborate with WORDFEST Toowoomba - an exciting writing, reading, authors, poetry, illustration, and wordplay for all ages and tastes – a feast of WORDS!

CURIOUS CONVERSATION #5 at 7pm Saturday April 3rd
With special guest - Elaine Coates from “Women In Harmony

Join Prying Eye in conversation with Elaine Coates from Women in Harmony about the formation of the choir, how singing can build connection and facilitate cultural exchange, and the benefits of getting involved in arts activities. 

See Women In Harmony in Snug Shorts Cabaret on Fri 1 & Sat 2 April 


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The Garden of Curiosity Open Times

Thursday 31 March 4pm - 8pm at A Curious Picnic

Friday 1 April from 5pm - 9.30pm

Saturday 2 April  5pm - 9.30pm 


The Garden of Curiosity, Empire Church Theatre


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